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You can work and get paid as a Biosportsfit Consultant providing telephone consultations to Biosportsfit clients who have requested a consultation.
You will however need to be a registered doctor, physiotherapist, osteopath, pharmacist, personal trainer, sports nutritionist or dietician, podiatrist, personal trainer, sports coach, sports trainer, sports manager, psychologist or any other sports related or health related professional to be considered in becoming a Biosportsfit Consultant. Email us your your query if you are not sure..

  • Biosportsfit will provide you with the necessary training and support for explaining Biosportsfit functional muscle profile, exercise programmes and any other programmes Biosportsfit provides to clients.
  • Biosportsfit will retain 20% administration charges from the payment made by the client for the consultation e.g. client pays £200.00 for a consultation concerning their functional muscle profile, Biosportsfit will retain 20% of £200.00 and you will be paid 80% of £200.00 for the consultation.
  • It involves you attending a 2 day training programme based in United States and passing both a theoretical and a practical examination to be certified as a Biosportsfit Consultant. The fee costs £1,500.00 and you will be retained as being a Biosportsfit Consultant for 1 year.
  • Recertification as a Biosportsfit Consultant is necessary every year for a fee (that is to be determined) along with attendance to a 1 day recertification course.
  • A yearly appraisal is also necessary for being a Biosportsfit Consultant.

Please email Biosportsfit with your queries.

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