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About Biosportsfit

The initial research and development was carried out by Dr. Edward Rethinasamy M.B. BCh. B.A.O. (Queens University Belfast) D.A. (London) FFARCSI (Dublin) who then set up Biosportsfit Ltd with his wife, Jane, who is also a director and actively involved in the running and development of the company.

Dr Rethinasamy is a qualified Anaesthetist practicing in anaesthetics and intensive care in the U.K. As anaesthetics uses muscle relaxants widely Dr Rethinasamy was involved in research of muscle profiling, overtime the results were found to be astounding in the human body, this is down to a unique methodology of analysing human blood.

Biosportsfit Ltd is now able to assess the functional muscular profile present in the body, which enables the assessment of anaerobic and aerobic muscular respiration. This in turn together with the vascular and cardiac systems provides a level of fitness.

A single Biosportsfit blood test can determine your current fitness level and for individuals interested in a continuous fitness improvement program Biosportsfit can provide regular tests and consultations.

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